Gadget Addiction A Major Contributing Factor In Increasing Cases Of Obesity

Gadgets have become part and parcel of our everyday life. Whether it’s our workplace or home, we need our gadgets. Gadget addiction is getting hard to deal with and it’s not a good sign. The bitter truth is a large number of gadget addicts are obese.

Do we tend to eat larger portions when we spend time with gadgets? The answer to this question is yes. Research reveals a person engrossed with a gadget is likely to consume twice as much as he/she normally would. Most gaming addicts are unaware of the fact that their intake of junk food increases when engrossed with a new game. Crispy treats account for the most popular snacks among computer users.  

Snacking associated with gadget addiction

Also, studies throw light on the fact that a majority of gadget users snack on junk food at unearthly hours. Potato chips, sodas and burgers

are some of the most popular snacks among gamers and social network addicts. Packaged foods are a rage with gadget users because they are affordable, easily available, disgustingly tasty, and most importantly save precious time that goes into making a healthy or unhealthy snack.

Obesity and gadget addiction

Studies reveal persons that spend long hours with engrossing gadgets/devices get trapped in a comfort zone that is not easy to quit. When a person avoids daily activities to spend time with gadgets it is a sign of addiction. A number of obesity cases globally have been linked to gadget addiction and it sure is a matter of concern. Experts in the medical field throw light on lack of activity among gadget users. The rapid pace at which technological advances are helping churn out gadgets is suggestive of an unfit tomorrow. Most social network addicts avoid meals and instead prefer to snack on junk

food accompanied with aerated drinks.

Unhealthy snacking combined with lack of physical activity leads to obesity. And, it’s not just teens that are getting obese spending long hours with engrossing gadgets; many adults that are required to spend working hours in front of a computer monitor are taking the road to obesity. Another matter of concern among gadget users is incorrect posture position. Tablet users, smartphone users, laptop users, and desktop users tend to bend forward or slouch because of incorrect posture positions taken while spending long hours with gadgets.

Outdoor activity has taken a beating since the internet age. The paradigm shift is visible. The past generation spent time outdoors; today’s generation spends time indoors. Hanging out with friends and having a good time outdoors is becoming a thing of the past, now we sit in front of a computer and hang out with ‘the unknown’… what we call friends in the virtual world. Gadget addiction needs to be tackled on an individual level. Obesity will be on the decline only if we take the right decisions. Parents should encourage children to spend time outdoors. Make sure children do not spend long hours with gadgets, there’s more to this beautiful world than being slaves to digital devices.

Do you spend long hours with gadgets?

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