Is Gadget Addiction Making Us Obese?

We’ve got to admit, we’ve become slaves to gadgets. We spend a great deal of time with gadgets. Is gadget addiction making us obese?

 At home or at work, its gadgets that have us hooked for long hours. Gadget addiction is getting hard to deal with and it’s going to get worse in the near future. Obesity is on the rise because of gadget addiction and industry experts warn of an unhealthy future citing lack of activity. Both children and adults cannot do without gadgets. Physical activity has reduced significantly since the internet came into being.

Technological advances have led to the gadget boom. Every minute an engaging gadget is available in the market. Children spend more time indoors than outdoors. Yes, its games and

activity on gadgets that is popular with children of this gadget generation which is why a number of children are turning obese. A large number of teenagers too are becoming obese snacking on junk food while engaged with different gadget. We don’t realize but we tend to overeat when we are engaged with an engrossing gadget. Intake of carbonated drinks is highest when a person spends time in front of a computer, either chatting or playing games. Large number of obesity cases in the past two decades has been linked to gadget addiction. Lack of physical activity is responsible for children, young teens and adults becoming obese. Parents need to monitor the amount of time children spend with gadgets. For children time schedules should be
allocated when it comes to using gadgets. Parents should encourage children to play outdoor sports.

Smartphone addiction and obesity

Since the smartphone revolution came into being it has taken gadget addiction to the next level. When you have everything you need to on your smartphone it’s bound to make you lazy and obese. The convenience factor smartphones bring in is certainly a good thing, but what smartphones have also managed to do is hook persons with their engaging features thereby leading to inactivity, the root cause of obesity. Smartphones are the most popular handheld devices as of now.

Psychiatrists and psychologists are of the opinion smartphone addiction is not going to be easy to tackle in the future. What’s startling is the fact many parents offer smartphones to their young children to keep them busy when they get cranky. Parents should not encourage little children to play with smartphones. Do not succumb to your children’s demands; remember the line of control belongs to parents. If you give gadgets to children at a young age, do not be surprised when they get addicted to gadgets and turn obese. Also, personal interaction takes a hit when children get addicted to gizmos.


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