Why Children Living On The Streets Take Drugs

Globally the number of children living on the streets is increasing significantly, especially in Asian countries and Latin American countries. Many street children take to drugs, why? Read on to find out.

It is not an easy life for children growing up on streets. Surviving a day in this dog-eat-dog world is an accomplishment for many. Many children that live on the street take to drugs and other intoxicating substances. This habit starts at a young age with street children and develops into an addiction which becomes hard to deal with later. A large number of street children are not able to deal with their nightmarish past. Bitter memories cannot be erased, and so the sane solution for children that live on the streets seems drugs.

Street children have to fend for themselves.

Every child that grows up on the street finds their own way with dealing what’s right and what’s wrong. Substance abuse starts at a young age among street children to subdue the traumatic past. Many children living on the streets form groups or gangs to protect themselves from rivals. Some street children make their way in gangs by doing odd jobs for gang leaders. Many street children may not take drugs by choice but instead maybe forced upon doing drugs by older teens living on the street. For children living on the streets surviving is all that matters and they do it their way no matter
what it takes. Street children have to face harsh realities which often lead to substance abuse.

Street children take drugs and other intoxicating substances to blank their memory of their nightmarish past. The momentary high drugs give seem to take away troubles for a while. For many street children drugs are a soothing balm for memories of the past. Every child living on the street dreams of a better life, but only few are able to set self free by seeking help. Many NGOs globally are putting in a huge effort to reach out to street children and offer rehabilitation and care. A number of NGOs are taking street children under their wings and providing them with a roof and education. Governments in every country should implement policies that provide homes, health and education for children living on the streets and this can only come about with government action through funds and policies. Government policies make a difference, a huge difference, they change lives. Every child needs a good life!

Suggestions, ideas and tips on helping street children will be greatly appreciated.

How can we provide a better life for street children?

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