Ways To Control Cholesterol

Keeping your cholesterol levels in check is important. This article provides a detailed perspective on ways to prevent cholesterol.

We get so caught up with our busy schedule that we seldom bother to go for a checkup. Most of us may feel fit and healthy but fail to realize that the high levels of cholesterol that run in our blood can be dangerous in the long run. These high levels of cholesterol over the years can lead to artery disease, angina, stroke and heart attack. High cholesterol occurs due to the arteries hardening and narrowing. This condition where plaque builds up on artery walls is called atherosclerosis.

When too much Low density lipoprotein (LDL) which is commonly known as bad

cholesterol builds up in the inner arteries and forms plaque which narrow or harden arteries making them less flexible, it leads to complications such as artery disease, heart attack and high blood pressure. To enjoy a healthy life it is essential to control cholesterol. Most of us have this misconception that it will cost a fortune to reduce or control cholesterol. It just takes a small effort on your part to change your lifestyle and keep a check on your eating habits. Let us discuss some simple ways to control cholesterol.

In order to control cholesterol you’ve got to change your eating habits and religiously follow an exercise regime. If you’re one of the many individuals who have made a firm resolution to reduce or control cholesterol, munching happily on those juicy muscular burgers overflowing with generous amounts of cheese mustard sauce, ketchup, and fried foods won’t help. All you’re doing is further tightening the noose on your neck. Trust me this kind of a resolution will work perfectly well in reducing your lifespan not your cholesterol. A daily dose of saturated fats in your food would ensure an early

exit from earth.

Avoid eating fried foods and red meats and on occasions when you can’t avoid fried products use olive oil. Eating a lot of fruits and veggies on a daily basis will help you control cholesterol. Drink a lot of fresh fruit juices and water instead of high calorie shakes and sodas. If you’re one of those individuals who feel feels life isn’t worth living without meat, don’t worry you can always have low luncheon meat or lean meat sandwiches with chicken and turkey filling. You’ll be surprised but salads are be a complete meal and are also a great way to ensure that you don’t gain weight. To control cholesterol switch over to skimmed milk and yogurt rather than the regular full fat dairy products.

Along with your eating habits you need to make sure you spend time on exercise to control cholesterol. A cardio workout in a gym will definitely help you reduce cholesterol. If you’re not too keen on joining a gym get involved in any activity that flexes muscles and makes you sweat. Wipe that wicked smile off your face as it takes more than good old sex to control cholesterol. Play a sport or join aerobics or dance classes that help shape muscle and in the process make you sweat. A basic thing like taking the stairs instead of the elevator can contribute in a huge way towards controlling cholesterol.                 

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  • nbillett  17-11-2016
    Very frank and to the point article. As usually it is the things that are not so tasteful are what will keep us healthy. But with time we will get use to them.
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