Top 10 Healthy Pizza Toppings For All Seasons

The variety of toppings on pizza is unimaginable. This article provides a detailed perspective on some of the healthiest and most nutritious pizza toppings for all seasons.

Pizza is one of the most popular foods globally. It doesn’t come as a surprise why. Well, pizza is downright delicious, and with all honesty, a small pizza is quite a filling snack. Every pizza place has a variety of pizzas. In present time it’s the thin crust pizza that seems to have taken the world by storm. Everybody loves to dig into a thin crust pizza. I guess every individual has a favorite when it comes to pizza. Many food critics and few food purists have taken the humble pizza to the whipping post.

A lot has been written about

pizza being an unhealthy snack. Pizzas can be healthy and nutritious if you want them that way. We have the choice of choosing toppings on our pizza. Pizza toppings can be healthy or unhealthy, depending on the choice of topping. The space below showcases healthy pizza toppings for non-vegetarians and vegetarians.

You cannot keep away cheese lovers from cheese. If you are a cheese fanatic, you’re better off using ricotta cheese or mozzarella cheese than full fat cheese… to lower the calorie count.

Pizza toppings for Non-Vegetarians

There is a lot non-vegetarians can pick as toppings on their pizza. The healthiest meats on pizza are chicken and turkey. Individuals can also use grilled fish as a pizza topping. Chicken, turkey and fish provide excellent nutritional value and are low in calories.

1. Grilled fish pizza toppings

Fish is not a very popular pizza topping, but I tell you its incredibly tasty. I grill my fish (Red Snapper) and place pieces of fish on my pizza along with small pieces of broccoli. I like to use a hint of salsa sauce on the pizza base. This healthy pizza offers great nutritional value and is delicious.

2. BBQ Turkey pizza toppings

Turkey meat makes delicious pizza toppings. I prefer BBQ meats to fried meat on pizzas. Turkey is a lean meat and low in calories. I like to use turkey breast for barbecue. I use a tangy tamarind marinade for turkey BBQ. I brush meat with olive oil as it cooks on a barbecue grill. Once you have the turkey barbecue ready, take shreds of meat and place them on the pizza covered with a transparent thin layer of ricotta cheese. Sprinkle finely chopped spring onions and few olives. If you want some zing thing to your pizza feel free to add chili flakes.

3. Chicken Tikka pizza toppings

One of the tastiest and healthiest pizzas has got to be chicken tikka pizzas. Well, chicken tikka is traditionally prepared in a tandoor, a clay oven. However, many Indian restaurants globally do use electric ovens to prepare chicken tikka. You can get chicken tikka at most Indian restaurants. Make small pieces of chicken tikka and place them on pizza with mozzarella cheese. You can add small pieces of grilled green capsicum and a sprinkle of corn. Chicken tikka combines tastefully with pizza bread. The smoked/charred flavor blends beautifully with grilled vegetables.

4. Chicken salami pizza toppings

Chicken salami goes through a fermentation process. This air dried meat is extremely tasty and makes a perfect pizza topping. Along with pieces of chicken salami you can add spinach and small pieces of baby corn. Cheese lovers can add al layer of ricotta cheese on their pizza before placing their pizza toppings.

5. Pepper chicken pizza toppings

There are different ways to prepare pepper chicken. I usually use thin slices from chicken breast meat. I use a yogurt marinade made with garam masala, black pepper powder, and a little turmeric. I grill the pieces of chicken and as the chicken slices are grilling I dab the slices with fresh orange juice and olive oil. While the dominant flavor in pepper chicken is pepper, you can feel the explosion of flavors in every bite. Along with pepper chicken, you can add finely cut almonds or pine nuts as toppings. Also, while there are many veggies you can place on this pizza, I prefer zucchini.

Pizza toppings for Vegetarians

You can experiment a great deal with vegetarian

pizzas. I do it all the time and some of my experiments have made me go “Eureka”. Listed below are some interesting vegetarian pizza toppings.

6. Spinach and black olive pizza

This is a classic Mediterranean style pizza. Boiled spinach and black olives combine exceedingly well. I use tomato puree on the pizza base before I place the pizza toppings. Also, I use thin strips of red bell pepper to add dynamism and color. This is not only a nutritious pizza; it’s also one of the most visually stunning pizzas.

7. Grilled Asparagus and Corn Pizza

Asparagus and corn may not sound a friendly combination on a pizza, but take a bite of this pizza, and you’ll realize you’re having a slice of paradise. Grilled asparagus and corn make excellent pizza toppings. This pizza takes the word ‘delicious’ to another level. After grilling the asparagus with frequent brushes of olive oil, I cut them into small pieces before placing them on the pizza. I boil corn, and after it’s boiled, I sprinkle a little chaat masala on it. Chaat masala is made from a variety of dried spices and adds a tangy/spicy flavor. I use a thin layer of ricotta cheese on the base of this pizza. This pizza is a must for the health conscious.

8. Ivy gourd and carrot pizza

You need to cut ivy gourd and carrots into small pieces and gently sauté them in a little olive oil. Once that’s done give the ingredients a slight mix before placing on the pizza. I use mozzarella cheese on the base of the pizza. Ivy gourd is extremely popular in Asian countries and makes an excellent topping for pizza.

9. Radicchio and onion pizza (Salad Pizza)

The radicchio leaf has bitter/spicy undertones to it. However, when you roast or grill the leaf it substantially mellows down. Radicchio is an excellent choice if you like pizza salads. I use small onion rings that are gently caramelized with a spoonful of honey. On Radicchio and caramelized onion toppings I sprinkle few pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate gives balance to the radicchio leaf that has a slightly bitter/spicy undertone. 

10. Grilled eggplant and zucchini pizza

Egg plant and zucchini combine exceedingly well, and they make delicious and nutritious pizza toppings. I like to cut eggplant in thin circles and coat them with a little mixture of chili sauce and tomato sauce before grilling. I grill zucchini plain and squeeze a little lemon juice after it is grilled. I place eggplant and zucchini toppings on a pizza with a thin layer of ricotta cheese. You can use plain grilled eggplant in this recipe if you want to. I liked the combination of chili sauce and tomato sauce when I experimented with a stir fry recipe that involved eggplant, since then I use the two sauces to coat before grilling.

The aforementioned pizza toppings are healthy, nutritious, delicious and low in calorie. I hope you have fun trying out the pizza recipes and sharing what you have made with friends and family. Experimentation is important when you get down to cooking, so feel free to experiment with ingredients; you might just come out with a winner.

Please note: Whole wheat pizzas or multigrain pizzas are healthy, so don’t hesitate with grain choices.

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