How Smartphones Are Ruining Emotional Connection

Since smartphones have come into being detachment has gained prominence. Here’s a perspective on how emotional connection is being ruined by smartphone addiction.

Gadgets have become the most important aspect in daily lives. Globally, it’s the smartphone that is the most used gadget in recent years. The thought of living life without a smartphone is agonizingly painfully for smartphone users. Is a world without smartphones possible?

The internet has opened new pathways for technology. Since the internet came into being, technological advances have been taking place at a rapid pace. Innovation and technology has certainly made life more convenient for people, but are we paying a price. We have become slave to gadgets and not many of us realize it. Are we to blame?

Who do we blame? Needless to say, gadget addiction is going to extremely difficult to deal with in the days ahead.

The world is forgoing emotion for the sake of gadgets. Emotional connection has been greatly reduced by gadget usage. The smartphone has gone onto become the most important gadget in recent years. Tasks that required a computer are now done on smartphones. We carry our world in our pocket. We remain connected with the world with our smartphone. Are we spending too much time with our smartphone? This gadget has reduced real-time social interaction among people significantly. Whether it’s playing games, chatting, emailing, taking pics, accessing websites or shopping online, everybody has taken to the smartphone. Both children and adults have become addicted to smartphones. Globally, smartphone usage is highest among teenagers.

The number of hours teens spend with their smartphones is quite shocking. If you take emotional connection of the past and compare it with present times, the results are shocking. The feeling of belonging and togetherness was much stronger in the past because of strong emotional bonding. In present times majority of teenagers prefer to dwell in a virtual world rather than reality, and this paradigm shift is causing a breakdown in emotional connection.  

We cannot live without our smartphone, it has become the focal point in our lives. Individuals become restless and irritable when they do not have access to their smartphone. The fact of the reality is many smartphone users are not able to differentiate between reality and virtual world. When you dwell in a virtual environment for prolonged period of time, you start becoming a significant part of altered reality thereby enabling virtual realms to take over

your life.  In such a scenario it becomes difficult for the individual to face and approach real-time situations. Emotional connection takes a beating as detachment gains prominence among smartphone users.  Smartphone addicts find it difficult to cope up with activities in daily life.

The right age to use smartphones

A question that has been doing the rounds regularly… Should there be an age for smartphones? Well, many parents are of the opinion children should not be given smartphones at an early age. However, majority of parents around the world are known to give their little children smartphones when they get cranky, this is often done by parents to ensure their children stop crying or are less cranky. Is this the right thing to do? Little children are fascinated with the lights that emerge on touch screen devices, and parents often give their little children smartphones to keep them engaged and engrossed. This is not the right thing to do to keep children engrossed and engaged.

Children get habituated being with smartphones, and parents are to blame. Parents should not give their smartphone to toddlers to play with, if you do, be ready to deal with consequences at a later point in life. Children that are exposed to gadgets at an early age are known to exhibit hyper active tendencies at a later stage in life. While there is no age restriction for using smartphones as of writing this, there will come a point when governments in countries will bring in an age law for smartphones. Not many are able to comprehend the gravity of the situation. Smartphone addiction is ruining relationships because of lack of emotional connection. Needless to say it’s going to get worse in the future. A curb on smartphone addiction can only happen at an individual level. Each of us can make a difference by letting sense prevail and taking the right decision. Be the difference. Be the change!

Using a smartphone to make life convenient is certainly a good thing, but not at the cost of being disconnected and detached from the real world.  

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  • nbillett  17-11-2016
    True smartphones have become a problem when trying to have real relationships. Take for instance a family having breakfast or dinner. Picture the parents trying to talk to the children and the children are all texting and giggling with their phones. The parents get upset after telling the children to put the phones and the didn't. An argument ensues and everyone leaves the table not speaking to each other. Thus the relationships begin to decline.
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  • Ashfar  08-07-2015

    That is true smart phone have taken place of emotional and mutual relationship is suffering because of the over use of smartphones. Instead of asking advice from elders nowadays people look it up on Internet and there are many other ways these devices are effecting the relationships.

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  • rubyhawk  28-05-2015

    I see young children with iphoes daily. I don't see any need for a child to have one until they are at least in junior high. But everyone walks around talking into a phone, in parks, in a resturant     or where ever they might be.

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