Do Online Relationships Materialize Into Marriage?

Since the internet made its way and changed our lives, online relationships have become exceedingly popular. Do online relationships lead to the next level…marriage?

 Yeah, online romances are in vogue, from teens to adults everybody seems to have that someone they have never met, but love and adore. Online dating sites have become more popular than grandmas’ cookies in past 15 years gone by, and there’s no sign of slowdown in activity. When you meet that virtual friend and get acquainted with their likes and preferences you get closer to that person. Over a period of time it feels like “Hey, it’s like we’ve known each other since childhood” When you feel full with that lovey-dovey feeling you don’t realize what is happening initially.

‘Is this love…Or Am I dreaming’ (Yeah…Whitesnake) these words come up and awaken your senses.

You dream about growing old and going for long walks with your online lover, and when you express your heart’s desire, that online lover just vanishes…Poof, which brings up the question… Do online relationships materialize into marriage? Not many lovers do like to hear the word marriage. Many shun the word marriage in online relationship. Every online romance has its charm, but that charm soon feels like harm for many when talk about marriage is put forth. Online relationships do give a sense of satisfaction as long as the joys of being single are still alive, the moment thoughts about marriage are keenly expressed by partners it causes a flux in the mind that can lead to…escapism. Having said that there is no denying a number of online relationships has moved to the

next level…marriage. It takes a great deal of effort to make a relationship work online.

Blind trust in online relationships

While the initial stage of an online relationship is smooth sailing it’s not all still waters as you get deeper into the relationship. The commitment factor is something that is unknown, it’s a mystery. Of course the bond of trust is essential in every relationship, however in online relationships the seed of doubt is sown often. Persons that get into a relationship based on blind trust may find it had to cope up after a breakup. At initial stages in online relationships feelings are reciprocated, but that suddenly as the relationship matures a partner may seek a quick exit fearing commitment and marriage. Love is a powerful sentiment that is often abused in the name of lies and deception in many online relationships. When you get into an online relationship it is a beautiful feeling chatting and communicating with your partner, but if you let your heart succumb to desire too soon, there’s a good chance you may hurt self emotionally. Is marriage on the mind of both partners when in an online relationship?

Do online relationships materialize into marriage?


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