Divorce On The Rise: Causes And Reasons

It’s not a happy beginning for every couple after marriage. When marital discord finds a way life becomes living hell. In such times divorce seems the best solution and the only way out. Divorce is on the rise at an alarming rate. This article brings to light causes and reasons for divorce.

There are several factors that end a marriage. What a married couple shouldn’t do is take their partner for granted. When you take your partner for granted expectations rise and this in turn makes way for turmoil and conflict. The root cause of a number of divorces is lack of understanding and commitment. While compatibility of a couple is always stressed upon, the truth is two persons are never compatible. Every person is unique and has an identity that is his/her own. In a marriage each partner has to mould self in accordance with the other partners needs to strengthen

their bond. If this does not happen frequent arguments take place and then the inflated ego plays villain. Divorce is on the rise and this is just the beginning. Relationship experts are of the opinion that in the years to come divorce rates globally is set to reach an astonishing high.

For many, setting self free by getting divorced seems the only option. Divorce is viewed differently in every culture. While in the US and Europe divorce is seen as a step forward, a new beginning, in many Asian and African countries divorce has a social stigma associated with it. In Asian and African countries many married couples continue to stay together despite the fact that they not see eye to eye. This scenario is largely due to social opinions expressed in a largely male dominated society. US and Europe account for the highest divorce rate percentage. While in the West most partners take a mutual decision in regard with divorce, in many Asian countries, its one partner that’s seeking a way out. Regardless of the fact that many view divorce as a way forward, than an end, the entire process of going through a divorce can affect a couple physically and emotionally. Divorce is indeed a traumatic experience that causes emotional outrage and leads to suppressed anger, but it is also an outlet to begin life in a wonderful new world.

If divorce is a mutual understanding that the couple comes to terms with, it reduces stress and anxiety

a great deal. It all boils down to the type of relationship you have with your partner, some relationships work, while others crumble. Most couples that want to get divorced but decide to stay together in the institution of marriage do so for the sake of their children. This maybe a mutual decision by couples, but it may not work in favor of children. Make no mistake children are better off growing up in a happy environment than a somber environment. Sometimes it’s best for children if their parents get divorced and start life all over again. Every couple that is filing for a divorce is faced with varied complexities. The reasons and causes for marital discord in a relationship vary with every couple.

Causes and reasons why divorce is on the rise

1 Affair

2. High Expectations

3. Alcohol Addiction

4. Drug Addiction

5. Differences in lifestyle

6. Mental illness

7. Physical Abuse

8. Mental Abuse

9 Sexual Abuse

10. Irreconcilable Differences

11. Religious beliefs/Conversions

12. Criminal Activity

13. Falling out of Love

14. Inability to change attitude

15. Frequent bouts of Anger

16. Lack of commitment towards marriage

17. Financial problems

18. Sexual Incompatibility

19. Parents or In-Laws interference

20. Decisions in regard with having children

21. Decision to abort baby

22. Differences in Culture

23. Suspicion

24. Immaturity

25. Breaking old traditions

26. Unemployment

27. Intellectual Incompatibility

28. Insecurity/Lack of Trust

29. Restrictions in regard with Career choices and personal growth

30. Abandonment

31. Lack of communication in a relationship

32. Sexual Impotence

33. Nature of Job

34. Mental Instability

35. Inability to get a high paying job

36. Getting to know the partner is gay

37. Attitude problem

38. Taunts and Nagging

39. Gambling Addiction

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  • Vitta  15-04-2014
    It seems to me that many people go into marriage wonder what they can get out of it instead of what they can give to it. Marriage is like a tree that need constant care and attention. If left alone it with wither and die. Let us think how we can contribute to a marriage rather than what we can get from it.
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