8 Health Benefits Of Gaming: The Truth About Playing Video Games

While gaming has been taking to the whipping post time and again by parents of children who love playing video games, it’s a fact that there are several health benefits associated with gaming. This article offers a perspective on health benefits of gaming and how it positively impacts individuals.

Research reveals individuals that play action games at regular intervals are able to focus better. Attention span of persons is known to increase when a person plays an engaging video game. Studies shed light on the fact that concentration levels on tasks at hand improve tremendously after playing your favorite video game. Video games have played a pivotal role in reducing stress levels among people that lead hectic lifestyles.

Dr. Daphne Bavelier, a Cognitive neuroscientist who is Professor at University of Geneva through studies and research has found that action games enhance an individual’s cognitive skill, sense of perception and attention.

Different types of video games affect brain functions at various levels. Older people that play video game are known to have better reflexes and memory than those that don’t play video games. Retention power and attention span is known to increase significantly after a FPS game.

Health Benefits of Gaming

1. Playing video games helps reduce stress and depression

We live in an environment that involves high levels of stress. The best way to unwind and reduce levels of stress is by playing your favorite video games. Many workplaces are installing gaming rooms to help employees relax after stressful meetings. Also, psychologists reveal, individuals that suffer from depression feel more relaxed and calm after a session of gaming. Gaming allows a person to give vent to frustration in a positive way.

2. Gaming improves motor skills

Preschool children that hold and grip joy sticks are known to have good motor skills. Reflexive movements of little children that play video games on smartphones are quicker compared to those that don’t. Research reveals preschool children that play interactive video games have excellent object gripping and object control skills.

3. Playing video games enhances memory and learning skills

Playing video games helps memory patterns among both children and adults. Retention power gets a boost after a session of gaming. Memorizing becomes easier for children when they take a short break and play a video game while preparing for an examination. Also, developing skills among slow learners is enhanced when slow learners play interactive video games.

4. Gaming is helpful for Senior Citizens

Older individuals that play video games feel happy and are less likely to feel loneliness than older individuals that do not play video games. Senior citizens who play a video game in moderation are known to fell escalated levels of happiness. In many old age homes interactive games have been installed for senior citizens. Emotional well being of senior citizens who play video games occasionally is known to be much better than emotional well being of senior citizens that don’t.

5. Video games enhance brain power

Persons that play video games are alert and focused. Individuals that play FPS games are

known to have quick reflexes and alert in various real time scenarios. Changes in FPS games happen at an incredible pace, and individuals playing an FPS game needs to focus, concentrate and be alert. Brain power is utilized in various aspects of perception, cognitive skills and attention.

6. Video Games have proved beneficial in therapeutic treatments

Many psychologists and psychiatrists are using interactive video games tailored for their patients to cope up at various levels of emotional balance. Many Doctors treating patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia are using interactive video games as part of their therapeutic treatment module. Interactive gaming experiences have proved helpful for Alzheimer’s patients and patients with Dementia to relate with memory patterns.

7. Video games are known promote resilience among patients with chronic illnesses

Study and research reveals video games promote a fighting spirit and resilience among patients with chronic illnesses. A study conducted by The University of Utah reveals the uses of game modules in various therapeutic scenarios for individuals with chronic illnesses. Video games are known to activate positive emotions and promote resilience in individuals with chronic illnesses. Roger Altizer who developed the “Patient Empowerment Video Game” says “People play games because they are engaging. We are now starting to understand how games motivate us, and how to use this motivation to change health care”.

8. Video games are going to be the next big thing in healthcare

The Healthcare industry is ever changing. The next big thing in healthcare that is going to benefit doctors, care givers, patients, therapists, and nurses is going to be interactive video game applications tailored in accordance with personalized medicine modules. Nonprofit organizations, corporate and number of companies are pooling funds for developing interactive video game applications that will be used in personalized medicine modules.

It’s only when gaming becomes an addiction; a person starts dwelling in the virtual world… it becomes difficult to deal with reality. I do hope my article on health benefits of gaming…playing video games impacts you in a positive way.

To get an in-depth perspective on how video games impact positively watch Daphne Bavelier’s talk on “Your brains on action games” on YouTube.

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