50 Facts About Dreamers

While the term dreamer is broad based, in simple terms it attributes to anybody that dreams. This article brings to life facts about dreamers.

While there is no time for dreaming, most dreamers go into their fairytale world during the day. The number of dreamers during daytime is larger than the number of dreamers during night. A dreamer is a person that loves his own imaginary world that makes him/her happy. When persons are in a dream like state of mind they are not aware or rather do not want to know what is happening around them, the dream world is powerful and compels persons to be within the realms of unreal, a state where everything is blissful and resonates a positive feeling. That’s

the reason why daydreamers love the way they are and are seldom willing to change self for others. Dreaming is a good thing. Everybody has dreams, but not everybody is a dreamer.

50 Facts about Dreamers

  1. Dreamers cry less and laugh more.
  2. Contrary to belief, dreamers dwell less in the past and live for the present moment thinking about the good things the future has in store for them.
  3. Dreamers have a sheepish smile on their face and seldom realize it.
  4. Dreamers are helpful by nature; most times they go out of their way to help a person.
  5. Dreamers do not talk much. They only talk to people they are comfortable with.
  6. Dreamers love to read, it could be anything from comics to novels and books on philosophy.
  7. Dreamers love to go on long rides on a bike or in a car, and yes on long train journeys.
  8. Most dreamers keep adding a new item to their bucket list when they come across something new.
  9. Most dreamers sing loudly while having a bath.
  10. They seem to have a smile on their face even in tense situations.
  11. Dreamers in love bump into objects way too often.
  12. Dreamers love to go for long walks.
  13. Dreamers are romantics.
  14. Dreamers are the first to say sorry to their partner even if they are not wrong in an argument or fight.
  15. Dreamers quit their jobs than non-dreamers, to pursue what they love to do.
  16. Dreamers love to solve crosswords.
  17. Dreamers bump into other vehicles while driving more often than drunk drivers.
  18. Dreamers seldom get promotions at work.
  19. Dreamers pay attention to lyrics of songs keenly.
  20. Dreamers are creative.
  21. Dreamers love to analyze different aspects of a person they love.
  22. Dreamers love to write handwritten letters.
  23. Majority of dreamers have a pet then love more than their relatives, friends or family.
  24. Dreamers love to surprise others but seldom love surprises.
  25. Dreamers are better listeners than
    talkers. They only converse with heart and soul during their favorite topic or subject.
  26. Dreamers love that laidback attitude and want other they know to be like them.
  27. Dreamers are never willing to change self for others; they love it when others change for them.
  28. Dreamers seldom run away from a situation, they love to face the situation they are in and find a solution.
  29. Dreamers love to get wet in the rain often.
  30. Dreamers love to start conversations with strangers.
  31. Dreamers are silent admirers at a party or social event.
  32. Dreamers prefer live music over DJs.
  33. Dreamers are shy when it comes to saying ‘I Love You’.
  34. Dreamers keep silent on their first date.
  35. Dreamers prefer fruit juices over carbonated drinks.
  36. Dreamers are nature lovers.
  37. Dreamers prefer mountains over beaches.
  38. Dreamers seldom tell lies.
  39. Dreamers love house parties.
  40. Dreamers eat more snacks than food.
  41. Dreamers say “Thanks’ more often than non-dreamers.
  42. Dreamers are not punctual when it comes to keeping appointment timings.
  43. Dreamers love to share with others.
  44. Dreamers do not like to hog the limelight at parties.
  45. Dreamers have more friends in the real world and less in the virtual world.
  46. Dreamers love to lie on a bed rather than sit on a couch.
  47. Dreamers age lot slower than non-dreamers.
  48. Not many dreamers play outdoor sports.
  49. Dreamers feel down and out after a break but seldom reveal or share how they feel with others.
  50. A number of dreamers are involved in a long distance relationship.

Are you a dreamer?

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  • Fblaster  29-04-2014
    Is it natural that I consider myself an extreme dreamer, often drifting away to my own worlds, yet I don't fit your description at all? I think there are varying types of dreamers, that can be categorised in different ways. Maybe you could consider writing about that? ;)
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