5 Essential At The Desk Exercises For Writers And Bloggers

It’s virtually impossible to get writers and bloggers off their desk once ideas start flowing. They get stuck on their desk and it seems forever. Least surprising why a number of writers and bloggers are not in the best of shape. If you are one among the many computer users that do not like to leave their work desk to pump iron, here are few at the desk exercises you should consider.

Sitting on a chair continuously is not a wise move, but for many writers and bloggers it is a way of life, and hence it makes perfect sense to do some exercises sitting on the chair while at the desk. These exercises are simple and designed to strengthen body muscles while relaxing the mind.

1. Neck Rotation- This at the desk exercise is essential for every person who spends long hours in front of a computer. A number of computer users suffer from various neck-related conditions the most common being a stiff neck. This is because of the neck being positioned

at a slight curve while watching the computer screen. Do 20 rotations, 10 starting from the left side and 10 starting for the right side. This at the desk exercise loosens stiff muscles around the neck.

2. Torso Twist- This exercise is fun and relatively simple. All you have to do is position yourself erect on your chair with your feet touching the ground and do a set of 20 rotations. 1 rotation equaling left-right twist. This at the desk exercise is a whole lot fun on a swivel chair; however you can also do it on a normal chair. The torso twist relaxes muscles around the hip.

3. Belly Ripper- This is an excellent exercise for abs. Writers and bloggers with a belly should do this daily. This simple workout helps trim the waistline without much of an effort. To do the belly ripper, keep your back straight against the backrest of your chair. Contract your abdomen hard as you can and hold for 10 seconds and release. Whenever you do this exercise, do 3 sets at a time. This at your desk exercise strengthens abs and flexes muscle walls around the abdomen.

4. The Punisher- This is a leg exercise that also works lower abs as in traditional leg jerk exercises. For this at the desk exercise you will need to raise your legs and keep them in a straight line 1

foot above the ground and hold your breath in that position for 10 seconds. While doing so your hands should be held up skywards, this is to ensure your back is straight against the backrest of your chair. You may feel strain on your thigh muscles and lower abs initially. Do not give up. Do 3 sets every time you do this exercise. Make sure after every set, you give legs 10 inward bends to help relax muscles.

5. Posture Builder- A large number of writers and bloggers suffer from bad posture. As such, majority of individuals that spend long hours in front of a screen tend to slouch forward thereby resulting in bad posture. Posture builder is an exercise designed to straighten your back and relax muscles near the shoulder and neck. Keep your back straight against the backrest of your chair and spread your hands in opposite direction forming wings in a straight line. Your palms should be facing skywards. Slowly raise both your hands upwards in a straight line and let the palm of each hand touch each other above your head. Remain in that position for 10 seconds. While bringing you hands back down to the starting position make sure your palms are facing downwards. Do 4 sets of this exercise. This exercise is designed to strengthen shoulder and neck muscles. By doing this exercise everyday you improve your posture and get rid of slouching position as you sit in front of a computer.

Aside from writers and bloggers, anybody that spends long hours in front of a computer should do these exercises. These exercises are healthy and break bad habits like leaning forward and slouching while working on a computer. These exercises help correct and use the right posture while working at the desk on a desktop or laptop. Know your capacity and capability and do not overdo exercises. Have fun writing and blogging.


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  • Fblaster  29-04-2014
    Thanks for all these tips! I'll be sure to try your exercises, since as a fellow writer I tend to spend a whole lot of time in front of the computer screen. Kudos friends =)
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