10 Best Ways To Stay Healthy In Summer

The harsh summer season is not easy to deal with. You get famished in the heat and your body gets dehydrated. Read on to know the best ways to stay healthy in Summer.

The summer sun is not the safest place to be under. The heat gets unbearable during summer, especially in countries with extreme temperatures. At times we find ourselves facing the scorching heat. We need to take precautions to ensure our bodies get accustomed to extreme heat. Changes in diet during the summer season are essential to ensure your body builds up resistance against the harsh temperatures. During the summer, you need to make changes in eating habits to adapt to varied fluctuations in heat temperatures.

Best ways to stay healthy in Summer

1. Add lot of Vegetables in your diet

Include a lot

of vegetables in your diet; it’s a great way to stay healthy in the summer. It is wise to cut down your intake of meat to once a week. Vegetables are easier to digest and take less time to digest than meat. You are more likely to feel the heat when you feel heavy after a meal of meat. Leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, and cabbage are ideal for the summer. Cucumber has a cooling effect on the body, and should be consumed with meals during the summer.

2. Drink plenty of Water in Summer

The heat during the summer drains you completely. You need to maintain your body fluids the right way in accordance with your body type. The body requires a lot of water during the summer. We tend to have sufficient water when we are a home but it’s not the same when we are at our workplace. Research reveals employees consume significantly higher amounts of coffee and tea than water. Having a hot beverage just one time during that day in summer is okay, however for most part of the day our body requires water. Get plenty of water during the summers to regulate your body temperature. Water helps you stay healthy in summer; it does a great job of flushing potential toxins naturally.

3. Have fresh fruit juices

When the summer season hits its peak, we find ourselves perspire a lot more than usual. We also get tired easily because of the scorching heat. When you venture out in the sun during the summer, consume plenty of liquids. When you are at home you have the luxury of AC or a ceiling fan. When you step out from a cool environment straight into the heat of the sun, you body temperature fluctuates drastically. You need to have plenty of liquids when you are in the sun. Fresh fruit juices with fiber are available everywhere. Take a break, and have fruit juice, fresh fruit juices are stay healthy summer essentials Fresh fruit juices cool down body heat naturally and provide you with loads of energy to face the heat.

4. Have berries in summer

It’s a known fact that different kinds of berries are rich in antioxidants. Blackberries and blueberries are a rich source of antioxidant and dietary fiber. Infection rates peak are highest during the summer season. Including berries in your diet ensures you minimize the risk of infections during the summer. Berries are excellent for all seasons, but for those of you that don’t have berries regularly, make sure you have them especially during the summer to stay healthy

5. Reduce intake of alcoholic beverages in summer

Alcoholic drinks such as Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, and Gin should be avoided. If you find giving up your alcoholic drinks during summer is impossible, make a conscious effort to lower consumption during the summer. Alcoholic drinks produce excess body heat which is not good during the summer. If you cannot do without your drink, switch to cocktails when the sun is harsh. Cocktails are a better alternative to other alcoholic drinks during the summer.

6. Wear a cap during the summer season


better to be safe than sorry. We have got to device ways to protect ourselves from the harsh sun during summer. Simple things make a significant difference in our lives. When you step out in the sun during the summer season, make it a point to wear a cap or hat. A cap or a hat protects your head from direct exposure to the sun. The risk of a heat stroke is significantly minimized if you wear protective headgear during summer.

7. Protect your skin from the sun

Sun rays can damage your skin severely during the summer season. The rays of the sun are their harshest best during hot summers and play havoc with skin. You need to protect skin from the harsh sun. Use creams and moisturizers that protect from the sun. Sunscreen lotion does help a great deal in protecting skin from sun burns. Use your herbal sunscreens and moisturizers during the summer; you need them to ensure your skin stays healthy in excessive heat. Many women complain about their face skin condition deteriorating during the summer. The best way to protect skin from harsh rays of the sun is to wear a scarf over your face when you venture in the sun.

8. Plan a vacation to reduce stress levels during summer

A vacation is healthy in every season, but you need a vacation every summer. We are likely to get irritable with little things of irrelevance during the summer season. That’s because the summer heat drastically regulates body temperatures thereby draining energy levels. When our energy levels are low we a likely to get stressed. It’s a known fact that stress levels peak during summer. It is a wise idea to break monotony and head for a vacation to a serene place with cooler temperatures. Taking a week-long vacation during the summer season to a place that is rejuvenating is essential if you want to boost your energy levels and reduce stress.

9. Take a shower in the morning and evening

A shower can do wonders during the summer. When you enter home after a tiring session under the sun, have a cold shower. You feel fresh and relaxed after a shower. Having a shower at least two times a day is necessary during the summer. The pores on skin tend to get firmer during summer because of excessive heat. Water is healthy for skin. Water helps loosen and open pores thereby helping skin breathe easy. Have a shower before you step out of your home and when you get back home. Having a shower after getting back from work during summer is utterly refreshing.

10. Have homemade food in summer

As far as possible, avoid takeaway food during summer. When the heat beats down severely, perishable commodities get spoilt due to the heat often. Pick fresh ingredients and make yourself a meal, instead of having a meal at a restaurant. Diarrhea outbreaks are significant during the summer due to consumption of spoilt food. Always pick fresh ingredients and make meals in summer.

When you take the right decisions, you end up beating the summer heat. Stay healthy and stay wise during the summer season.

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